Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Started

It's been some time since I last ran a personal blog, and it is something I've missed. I enjoy blogging. Nah, I love blogging and I love writing and I love sharing my sometimes zany ideas. It is high time I get started again.

I strongly believe that personal financial planning is about helping people make good financial decisions. There's a lot of other stuff we do as financial planners, but guiding people through the decision-making process is where the most profound value of financial planning lies.

And that's why I decided to start this blog. I've been making my argument about decision-making for some time, but now I want to begin exploring what it means to actually help people make good decisions.

There are many questions I want to explore. How do we make decisions? What factors impact our decision-making? When do we make a wise decision and what leads our decision-making astray? How do we decide if a decision was good or bad in the first place? And how do we improve this process, both as financial planners and as people?

I'm not sure the answers are out there, but I think it will be fun to look for them. I look forward to getting started, although my initial posts may flow out slowly for a while. One of my own largest major financial decisions (a move to Florida from Wisconsin and new job) still consumes a huge amount of my time. But things will pick up.

So join me on this journey as we explore financial decision-making. I bet there will be some surprises and some shocks. Maybe we will even change the world! Then again, I'd be happy just to improve the way financial planners help people a little bit.

Who knows where we might end up.


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  1. Hello Nathan. For some crazy reason I am one of your twitter followers! I have no idea why, but your tweets would always catch my eye, and seemed so well articulated. I have made some extremely bad financial decisions, and getting started at age 51 is a scary thing! I am looking forward to your blog! Kind thanks. Tricia